Teos Marina

Adres: Akkum Caddesi No:4 Sığacık / Seferihisar / İzmir / Türkiye
Tel: +90 (232) 745 80 80
Web: www.teosmarina.com.tr
E-posta: marina@teosmarina.com

On 06.21.2010, TEOS MARINA became operational with a capacity of 480 boats at sea, 80 boats on land, 30 that can be moored at channel docks in Seferihisar-Sigacik. In 2011, THYA (The Yacht Harbour Assc.) evaluated Teos Marina within the framework of the International Quality Standards, grs anted Teos Marina to become one of the marinas that serve with 5 Golden Anchors with due to ithigh-quality mooring, technical, safety, cleanliness and quality of social facilities.

Teos Marina is located within Seferihisar, Turkey’s first ‘Cittaslow’ (city of quiet and slow life), and respectively within its oldest settlement in the territory, the ancient Teos. The ancient Teos was established in BC 1000 as an Ionian colony . Teos, one of the most important of 12 Ionian cities shelters the ruins of  Hellenistic and Roman period.

Teos Marina built on one of the most important sites of history adds more meaning to this historical city each day beginning with its inital $ 12 million investment. And each day, Teos Marina works to develop its business structure and capacity with various investments.