Netsel Marmaris Marina

Adres: Netsel Turizm Yatırımları A.Ş. Posta Kutusu 231/232 - 48700 Marmaris / Muğla
Tel: +90 (252) 412 27 08

Our marina is located in the heart of antiquity and  unsurpassed natural beauty, while remaining     totally unspoilt unlike so many others areas in  the Mediterranean.

When you  moor in Netsel Marina, it is easy to cruise a relaxed and meandering coastline to outlying villages or a stopover for lunch.  Your cruising will    require a minimum of ‘Keyif’ as we Turks say, which in literal terms means,’Enjoyment’.  This means peering  over the side of the  boat and seeing  the sea bottom clearly down to 25 feet. Or, lying on deck  under a full moon and, counting shooting stars in an equally crystal clear Mediterranean sky. In short, this ‘keyif’ is  exactly the reason why you come to Marmaris.

The layout plan at the end of this website  gives an idea of the extensive range of facilities that Netsel Marmaris Marina offers. Please be sure to contact us, so that our marina management team can provide you with the personal and boating services you require. The following web pages are designed to welcome you to Marmaris and its extensive