Port Iasos Marina

Adres: Kıyıkışlacık Köyü Göklimanı Mevkii Güllük - Milas / Muğla
Tel: +90(541)760 42 41
Web: www.portiasos.com
E-posta: info@portiasos.com

For those who love and long for nature, Port Iasos Marina is a wonderful, peaceful and out of sight boutique facility very close to the Bodrum Airport. At the same time it is located at Güllük-Kıyıkışlacık Göklimanı area, in the vicinity of most sought out Bodrum locales such as Güvercinlik, Torba, Gündoğan, Türkbükü, Didim and the Greek isles of Leros, Kalimnos and Farmakoni .

Harboured safely in the Güllük Bay, environmentally friendly PORT IASOS MARINA which provides secure anchor for 150 yachts and quality marina services can be described briefly as the secret paradise.

Hugging the peaceful and quietest natural area of Güllük Bay, it is the closest Marina to the Bodrum-Milas International Airport. The precise location of the Marina, Kıyıkışlacık is 32km to the Airport and 3 nautical miles to Güllük. A new favorite of the yacht tourism, Iasos is located at the naturally protected Gökliman cove of the Güllük Inlet.

The Marina may be reached by fast sea-taxi transportation services from Güllük and the entire Bodrum peninsula. From May till October it is possible to reach Port Iasos from Güllük from sea with a scheduled two way boat transportation which operates between Güllük and Port Iasos. Also there is a scheduled bus timetable between Milas and Port Iasos.

Mooring Information:
Maximum Boat Number:150
Maximum Length: 25 m (For those which are longer please contact to front office)
Maximum Depth: 8,5 m

Distances to the popular locales north of Bodrum peninsula and proximal Greek isles are as follows:

By Land:
Bodrum-Milas Havalimanına 32 km
Güllük 42 km
Güvercinlik 49,5 km
Torba 65 km
Bodrum Merkez 69 km
Göltürkbükü 81 km
Turgutreis 86 km
Yalıkavak 85,6
Gümüşlük 89,4
Didim 55,5

From Sea:

Güllük 3 sea miles
Güvercinlik 8 sea miles
Türkbükü 9 sea miles
Torba 10 sea miles
Yalıkavak 19 sea miles
Didim 16 sea miles
Turgutreis 25 sea miles
Farmokoni 22 sea miles
Leros 32 sea miles
Kalimnos 28 sea miles

Mooring Services:

7×24 lashing service
Technical services and support
Electricity- water
Safe med-mooring
Diver airtank refill
Diving services
Fuel service
Wastewater collection service
Separated (organic, metal+class, paper) garbage pail

Office Services:
Change Agency services
Weather Forecast
Closed circuit camera and security
Fire alarm and system
Luggage transport vehicle
Dishwasher facililities
Shower-WC and WC for handicapped