Port Akdeniz – Antalya

Adres: Port Akdeniz Büyük Liman Mevkii 07070 Antalya , Türkiye
Tel: +90 (242) 259 13 80
Web: www.qterminals-antalya.com
E-posta: info@portakdeniz.com

Port Akdeniz – The Port of Antalya is located in a mineral-rich region on southern Turkey’s Mediterranean coast. The location of the Port, its surrounding mineral wealth and mining operations allow Port Akdeniz to position itself as a strategic gateway for exporters to diverse global markets for cement, clinker, aluminum, marble and chromium.

Within a radius of 300 kilometers there are more than 300 active mines and Port Akdeniz – The Port of Antalya has 10 berths that can accommodate container, dry bulk cargo and general cargo vessels. In 2011, the Port’s dry bulk and general cargo handling capacity is 5.0 million tons and its container handling capacity is 500,000 TEU per year.

Port Akdeniz – The Port of Antalya complies with quality and environmental standards in the conduct of its activities. Its 1,322 meter pier provides modern service in a fully protected and sheltered customs area. A 166,800m2 terminal area and a reefer station make it possible for Port Akdeniz to provide the full range of harbor services.

Given these assets, approximately 3.1 percent of Turkey’s maritime exports (measured by tonnage) in 2011 was shipped through Port Akdeniz – The Port of Antalya. In addition, Port Akdeniz is well-placed to benefit from the continued increase in containerization at Turkish ports.