Setur Kusadasi Marina

Adres: Setur Kuşadası Marina Kuşadası / Aydın
Tel: +90 (256) 618 14 60
Fax: +90 (256) 618 14 64

The point that one should be mindful of is the shallow area called the “Petroma Kayasi (rocky reef) extending westward about half a mile off Yilanci Cape. Maximum depth within the marina is 5 metres and as moorings are laid, you should not drop anchor. 24 hour mooring assistance is provided at the Setur Kusadasi Marina which has a Blue Flag.

As in other Setur Marinas, the Kusadasi Marina boatyard; lifting, launching, and high-pressure washing services as well as all kinds of winter services and periodic maintenance that includes battery charging, bilge control, ventilation, engine running etc. are provided.

Maintenance and repair services provided by workshops within the marina include paint application and care, osmosis protection and treatment, polishing, varnishing, epoxy-polyester work, manufacture and repair of sails, tarpaulins, winter boat covers, bimini canopies and sprayhoods; all kinds of main engine, generator and outboard engine repair and overhauls, carpentry, stainless and galvanized steel work, wooden deck components, furniture manufacture and repairs as well as repair assembly and maintenance of electrical equipment and appliances.