Setur Çeşme Altınyunus Marina

Adres: Boyalık Mevkii Çeşme - İzmir
Tel: +90 (0232) 723 14 34

There are no critical approaches to the Setur cesme Marina. Maximum depth in the Marinas is 4 meters, and since kedges are laid, you do not drop anchor. Services are provided by tug boat in this Blue Flag marina on a 24 hour basis. Yachts are provided beaching, launching and wash down services as well as winter services and periodic maintenance services to include battery charging, bilge water control, air conditioning, working engines etc. Maintenance and repair services provided by workshops within the  marinas include all kinds of paint application and care, osmosis protection and treatment, polishing,  varnishing, epoxy-polyester work, all kinds of main engine, generator and outboard motor repair and overhaul, various carpentry services as well as repair assembly and maintenance of electrical equipment and appliances.