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Dogus Group believes marina operations is an area with a very high growth potential in Turkey and the region.

Maritime Tourism has made a major stride in the second half of the twentieth century in developed coastal states and the Mediterranean in particular.

Yat Turizminden gelir bekleyen tum ulkeler ilk once yat limani yatirmlarina agirlik vermislerdir. Buralarda olusan insan ve yat sirkulasyonu sayesinde turizme yonelmis bir toplumun gelismesi saglanmistir.

All countries expecting revenue from yacht tourism have initially made investments in marinas. The human and yacht traffic that was generated led to the development of a society geared towards tourism.

While the economic and social developments in our age have enabled increasing numbers of people to travel; a shortening of the working week, extension of holidays as well as an increase in welfare and a rising interest in yachting have led the Dogus Group to develop marinas that would cater not only to yachts but to establish integrated tourism facilities catering to yachters and their associates.

As yacht owners are increasingly on the move and do not stay moored in their own marinas, travelling yachters have been seeking marinas that would at a minimum meet their basic contemporary needs. This is yet another factor that has prompted the Dogus Group to accelerate its investments in this area.

Along with an increase in yacht sales throughout the world, the increasing useful lives of yachts made from materials such as fiber glass and aluminium underscores the rising need for a greater number of mooring places for yachts.

As a result of these developments, Dogus Group has emphasized marina investments to reflect the sharp rise in demand for mooring places.

While undertaking marine investments, Dogus Group has taken into consideration regional characteristics as well as the tendencies of all yachters.